Crisis Jumpers

The last two years of my life struggle, I thought a lot about the people who gave up on me. A LOT. One of my best friends told me right from the get go: “I hope you get your life together.” That hurt. As if I was some druggie. Some deadbeat. As if I could do anything about the breakdowns. I couldn’t control what was happening to me. My world was falling down around me like an avalanche. I didn’t start it either. It just happened.

I think about the guy I was just starting to date that I thought was Mr. Awesome. I am still shocked at how fast Mr. “I think you are so awesome too Melisa” tucked tail and ran for the hills. Sometimes, his way of dealing with things was just being an asshole. And, he was a giant asshole afterwards. When I showed some of the text I was receiving to my brother, he had a few choice words. The short version was the guy wasn’t worth anything.

But, still some of these people I had in my life for a decade. Every day. Multiple times of day we spoke either in person or by phone, text, email, facebook, etc. We went to school together. We worked together. We spent vacations together. Did activities together.

At first, I missed them. I was really sad. I cried. A LOT. It hurt so bad. Pathetically, I still tried to be friends with all of them after I was back to being coherent and trying to put the pieces back together.

I called, I left text messages, emails, facebook request, etc. All that came back was the chirp of crickets. Nada. They weren’t interested. That really hurt.

I wanted to write nasty letters to them about how worthless they were. How much I had done for them. How I needed them. I wanted to plead my case that I was the same person they had known and claimed to love before.

But, I didn’t. I knew. They saw a crisis and ran in the opposite direction, not wanting to be involved, lest this thing that had reach out and snatched me should do the same to them.

Recently, I noticed a feeling of calm where the agony was. I can now think of these people without getting overwhelmingly sad. Now, I can shrug and just know that’s how some people are.

Those peoples’ friendships were obviously shallow. If a person can walk away from someone so easily, I doubt it was true & genuine to begin with. I know I read a lot but I believe that true love would never do that to a person.

Most people are just users and takers. Takers of money, energy and time. Vampires. They’ll take all the support they can get. They’ll be there when times are good but run like rats when the flood is coming.

They’ll never know what it is like to be all alone; to be able to stand on their own two feet and to succeed at the un-succeed-able.

Truly, this subject was the most hurtful to me when I lost everything. I can lose an apartment, car, clothes, etc. I can lose even my reputation. Say what you want about me. It doesn’t bother me.

Because, I know how to get a good life. I can rebuilt material things. I can rebuilt a career. And, I am.

I do have a few friends that have stood by their word: that they loved me no matter what. And, those people look so good to me and I can’t help but smile. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It doesn’t matter that I am a basket case. I am still the same good person that everybody loved to begin with. The people who stayed get that.

Time heals the wounds the crisis jumpers created. The hurt becomes very dull and then non-existent. It’s been two years for me and now I can barely even remember the names of my former friends. I really have to think about it. Now, it’s the dude in Fort Myers. Oh, that’s right. Whatever. Glad he’s moved on. I can remember my bestie and remember our good times and just know that was a whole other time and place that doesn’t exist anymore. I can remember the good and not miss it so bad anymore.

It’s a new life now.

I’m rebuilding my circle. Very carefully this time. I look at people a little bit more. There is no longer an open invitation to be in my life. I’m selective. I’ll be very careful who I let in now. I know I’m worth it.

I have a lot to be thankful for and a good foundation to go climbing back to the top of the mountain:

1) I do not have to work right now so I can concentrate on my wellness.
2) I live in a good home.
3) My mom and stepdad would do anything for me.
4) I have a little bit of money to let me do some things I want to do.
5) I have my blog, which is more successful than I thought it would be. I’m surprised at how many followers and readers I have. To date, I have had over 1600 views. This gives me a good outlet. I am using my blog as a diary to document my journey. I print out the pages and put them in a notebook so I can just go back and flip through them one day. I try to post every day about something.
6) I’m on Weight Watchers. My diet is finally going good. This is my 5th day keeping to it strictly and I am losing weight. So happy.
7) I’m going to yoga. I’m walking. I’m going to Zumba.
8) I’m getting ready for swim season and my vacation to Japan.

Like I said, I’m re-building. Piece by piece.

Back to being a Wine-O

Today is the beginning of day 4.

I have kept to my Simple Start diet instructions explicitly for the last 3 whole days.

Sneaking a peak, I have lost 3.8 pounds already.

It’s enough to keep me going for the full two weeks. I’m excited to see how much I can lose following the plan for a whole 2 weeks. I end this portion of the diet and can go back to regular points or continue with this on May 10th. We’ll see what I do.

I check off each day in my food dairy notebook and on my calendar.

One thing about dieting and exercising: It is very monotonous. So, I do not have a lot to report. My diet from Day 1 (Again) was the same the last few days.

Breakfast: I am eating scrambled eggs, with a toasted sandwich thin with the tiniest bit of butter on it and a banana.

Lunch: A Sandwich thin with chicken deli meat, fruit and popcorn

Dinner: This is where I’ve changed things up a bit. One night I had baked fish. Last night, I had Cuban pulled pork with homemade oven fries.

Potatoes are allowed. The Leader said: Potatoes are not bad. It’s what people do to them that makes them bad. So, in keeping with the rules, I only used 2 teaspoons of olive oil on a whole sliced potato. Sprinkled some salt & pepper & Old Bay Seasoning on it. Roasted it at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes. I ate the whole potato. I love French fries!


My snack: I ate the hardboiled egg sandwich again. This time I added a tomato. Surprisingly, I just like it with the egg, bread and S&P. This will be my “go to” snack. It’s just too simple. Put a hardboiled egg on one side of a sandwich thin, S&P and GO!


I have not cheated but I am allowed an “indulgence” each day. As you can imagine, I have to be very careful with them. This is where the points come in. I only get 7 indulgence points a day. While I do not have to count points or worry about portions in any other areas, things on this “indulgence” list must be accounted for very strictly.

I looked over the list and was using a teaspoon of butter on my breakfast toast. It’s such a little amount that as of today, I am cutting that out. It’s so little butter, it’s not even worth it. The toast just sucked it up and it doesn’t even cover the whole toast. Anyway, I hardly know it’s there.

I had a discussion with myself staring at THE LIST. I made the conscious decision that I am going to indulge.

But, do I choose 1 oz of chocolate for 4 points or 5 fl oz of wine for 4 points? I CAN’T HAVE BOTH! (at least not in the same day).

I had to think long and hard about this one. Chocolate or wine? And, I really couldn’t have the chocolate and wine in the house at the same time or I would have both at the same time.

The winner???



The past two nights I’ve had exactly 5 ounces of wine in the evening. I remembered what I loved about it so much. First, 5 ounces is a sizable amount. It’s a decent glass. And, I just sip it and watch television or play around on the internet. It relaxes me.

Welcome Back Wine!

Other changes:
I froze some grapes and forgot about how delicious grapes can be frozen.

Yesterday, I had another milestone. I added a 2 mile walk to my day. It made me realize how out of shape I am. Did I really trot out a full marathon before? Was I that girl that was flipping a tractor tire up a hill in Crossfit? Yes, I am. As I was jamming to my music, I could feel that girl inside me hip hopping to the music.

Music I am jamming to right now:

Burn by Ellie Goulding
The Monster by Eminiem & Rihanna
Work Bitch by Britney Spears
Roar by Katy Perry
Wake me up by Avicii True
Stronger by Kanye West

I have so many. Music is my motivator. Whatever mood I am in, I am put on my jams thanks to my iTunes list and Pandora or even Youtube.

I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath
And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy

Well, that’s nothing

Day 1 (again)

My poor mother. Yesterday, I dragged that woman to sit in the Louisiana heat to watch our small town reenactment of their Civil War battle.


The heat was so unbearable (even for April) that these people’s goat needed to be cuddled and fanned. The thing wouldn’t even stand on its own.


Even the pet crawfish had to be taken out of his Icee cup and shaken to resuscitation.


The Battle of Mansfield aside. How did my battle of the bulge go yesterday? Most excellent.

I am freed from the points prison. I ate according to the Simple Start menu and I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t eat anything bad. Amazing!

Day 1 = Success

Breakfast~ Scrambled Eggs, Sandwich Thin w/ a bit of butter & a banana


The picture doesn’t look as good as it taste. I flavored my eggs with some Penzeys Herbes de Provence and a splash of fish sauce and Siracha.

Packed Lunch to the Battle~ Sandwich, Grapes, Banana & 94% Fat Free Popcorn


Notice, I used my fancy Weight Watchers Success Kit bag as a lunch bag. Yay! I’m actually using my Success Kit.

Dinner~ Steak Sandwich with egg & a bowl of cherry tomatoes with olive oil and S&P


Snack~ Latte with Fat Free Milk (no sugar)


I also had a snack of a one half of a sandwich thin with a sliced hardboiled egg on top. No picture. I actually wolfed that down and it was surprisingly good and I just didn’t think about a picture.

That’s all folks!! Enjoy your Sunday!


Yesterday, I did what I said I was going to do: I dragged my shameful, no results after a month on Weight Watchers booty to Weight Watchers. And, the girls there were WONDERFUL! Absolutely wonderful.

They threw away this past month’s weight booklet and said, “You are starting over!”

The leader pulled me aside and said, “You are staying for the Simple Start Orientation. You will love it. It’s actually what you need.”

It all felt very welcoming and encouraging. I didn’t feel bad at all.

I stayed for the meeting. Afterwards, I was able to drag my mom into the store and sit for the Simple Start orientation.

Ms. Bettie, the leader, was the cutest most forceful little Southern lady. Born in the 30’s. No bull.

She told me what I was going to do for the next 2 weeks and she had some great one liners:

“Now, you don’t have to worry about portions but this is not an all you can eat buffet. Eat until you are satisfied but not stuffed. Wait 20-30 minutes. If you are still hungry, then you can have more.”

“Park that car in the very back. Walk. Walk. Walk. I want you walking. Do you know that you have to walk 10,000 steps nowadays to equal the walking we did in my day? You park that car like it is a brand-new Cadillac. Back. Back Back.”

“When you do laundry, take each piece out of the dryer, fold it and put that piece away. Go back for another. That is exercise!”

“I want you to get a 10 inch plate to eat from, a 12-oz bowl and a 12-oz glass~ that should be your serving guide. Your dinner plate should be half veggies, a quarter carbs and a quarter protein.”

“Eat every 3 hours. If it’s not a full meal, make it a snack.”

So, this girl went to World Market, parked my pretend Caddie that is really a Ford Focus in the back 40 and hooved it inside. Man, I love this store. I could have even gone to Pier 1 and been just as happy. Regardless, as a treat, I bought my own special 10 inch plate to eat from and a 12-oz bowl. Then, I saw a coffee mug that was screaming my name: It had French writing wrapped around it with a giraffe in glasses and a granny sweater. Next to it in writing was: Coco de Paris 2013. So cute.


Today, I started with black coffee but I’m about to make my breakfast from the Simple Start list. I have my Simple Start booklet tabbed and I have my notebooks ready.


Enjoy the day!

18 pound lunch

I was feeling very fat. Very very fat. Bulky. A big ball of mess. Just nasty. Ok. You get it.

I even saw myself in the mirror and thought “Yep, I look exactly how I feel I look.”


But . . . I haven’t controlled myself when it comes to food yet either.

I have a ton of excuses. Always with the excuses. I was on vacation. That looks so good. The Easter bunny got to me. Tricky rabbit.

I’ve been partaking in the Easter candy like anybody else.

I finally moved the giant Easter basket full of crap that I bought for my step dad to my parent’s bedroom. I don’t want to see it or even remember it is there.

I just read a great chapter in the The Purpose Driven Life about temptation. Resisting food is no different than resisting sin. Sin and food are always going to be there. Tempting me. I have to be strong. I have to have a plan. I have to get my mind off that which is tempting me. How to do that? When I focus on something, I’m dang near impossible to stop.

Back to my Weight Watcher’s plan. Let me obsess about that. The points started over again yesterday and I began tracking in earnest. I didn’t last the day. I didn’t binge but I wasn’t tracking my food by the afternoon.

I was all whiney. “That’s too much work!” (Metaphorically flings electronic tracking notebook into the air)

I still had it in the back of my mind. However, I had to do something about my fat slump. My frumpy mood. So, I got my hair cut. Not just cut but washed and styled. I needed the cut but if I didn’t I would have gone to one of those blo bars and got a great blow job. We even have a exclusive blo palor in Shreveport. I’m dying to try it.

If I didn’t want my hair done, I would have gotten my nails done. Something. Anything beauty related. Even if it was $10 and an eyebrow shaper.

The wash, cut and style was just the ticket. And, our small town beautician knocked it out of the park for $30!

I was super happy afterwards and it looked great! I instantly felt better.

I don’t know what Southern lady said it but just putting on your lipstick will make you feel better.


Back to Weight Watchers being on my mind if not on the official paper. I read somewhere that you should always order the smallest portion on any menu.

Yesterday, I went to Sonic for lunch with my mother. Normally, I would have ordered a #1 burger with mayonnaise for 17 points with a medium French fry for an additional 8 points. Instead, I ordered a junior deluxe burger for 10 points (I typed in 10 pounds at first and thought that was funny and about right) with bacon (2 pounds. I mean, points) with a small tater tot (for 6 points). All together my trip to Sonic cost me 18 points.

My first mistake. I did make adjustments that helped minimize the caloric intake but I didn’t calculate my points until after I got home. I didn’t even think to make my mom sit there while I went through the best menu options or better yet just ate home food. I wanted the fast food. And, I have to learn to live in this fast food nation.

I also know after yesterday that even the junior or smallest thing on the menu is not going to cut it. Neither is the healthiest. Even a Sonic Chicken sandwich is 12 points. That’s a lot of points!!! And, here I am complaining about Weight Watchers being too restrictive and my 1 cup bowl of Cheerios with ½ cup of Almond Milk is 5 points.


I’m just not cutting it. And, that hurts because I am a bit of an overachiever. But, I’m not quiting.

And, I’m not weak.

Today is Weight Watchers day!

I am going to a meeting today.

I already hit the Weight Watchers website this morning.

I’ve been hearing about this Simple Start program. On tv and in person.

Every meeting, the leader ask me, “Have you tried the Simple Start Program?”

Politely, I mumble no and shuffle away. I’m sticking to the traditional points. It worked before. But, wait. I haven’t been sticking to the points. That’s the problem!

This morning, I sat down with my coffee and clicked on the Simple Start tab online.

What?!?! There is a separate Simple Start app for my iPhone? Now, I’m intrigued. I love an app!

So, I pull out all the Simple Start literature from my fancy Weight Watchers 8 Outstanding Tools Success Kit that I only get out at meeting time. I also grab my Plan & Track 12 week journal. Gotta use it sometime and I do love a nice pen and notebook.

Well, I gotta get to work. Later gator.

PS~ While I’m out and about. While I’m reading up on Simple Start. While I’m at the store getting my Simple Start menu food (which I’m pretty sure without looking closely resembles the Whole30 plan: all the veggies, fruit, and nuts a girl could want. And, all the water you can handle!) Anyway, while I’m doing all the work, my spoiled rotten puppy will be doing this:


Progress for Jenn

Good morning! These pictures were taken last night as the sun was setting. I thought about my friend Jenn.  In the beginning, she wanted to see progress when we first started planting our garden. She seemed excited about all the gardening but claimed she could not do it. NOT TRUE!! Anybody can grow an ivy plant or some Topsey Turvey Tomatoes. And, if you have some dirt, anybody can grow squash. I promise. I didn’t do any gardening before this.

This is one of our flower beds and I think the prettiest with all the pink and purple. I picked out those colors. And, I couldn’t be happier that they are popping.


Topsy Turvey Tomatoes. And, they smell so goooooddddd . . . .


This was our garden just before we planted.


PROGRESS . . . . Can you see all those tiny rows of plants?


We now have 5 baby bird eggs in our Topsy Turvey Tree. I even saw the mother yesterday.


Do you remember tropical bird of paradise Ed? We split him up. It’s been a disaster.


This is how one of the Ed’s looks right now and he looks the best! We suspect that the other two have just flat out died but we won’t accept it. So sad. But, there is some new life in the main man Ed and we are going to protect that one stem and get some action from there. Oh, by the way, those are fake bird plants in there.  Only the brown and green stems are real. We thought it might inspire the Ed’s.


This is my porch plant. I know it’s a simple Ivy but it’s growing so well.


Lastly, here is my free internet weenie dog, Ginger. She loves it here and she loves me. She’s my therapy dog. I couldn’t ask for anything better off the internet.


Attorney Student Loans

Good news! I am so happy!

As an attorney, I racked up quite a student loan debt. Both federal and private loans. It didn’t matter to me when I was doing it and when I was paying. I wouldn’t have been able to be an attorney without them. My payments on both federal and private loans were usually around $800 a month and bound to go up. I owed a total of $150k. That didn’t bother me because I had a really good job. Then, I lost my awesome job. I couldn’t pay a dime. I was living with my parents. After my first breakdown, my doctor recommended I take 3-6 months off. I took a little bit of time off but hit the pavement way too soon working and immediately paying on those loans.

Then, the breakdowns just kept coming so my payments were sporadic. Finally, it was decided by all that I shouldn’t work for a while. When I’ll go back to work, we do not know.

My federal students worked with me on a deferment. At first, it was an unemployment deferment. Then, I became disabled and they again worked with me with a disability deferment.

Then, they really worked with me. They sent me some forms to apply for a total and permanent discharge of my student loans based on my disability. A few months ago, I completed the application and my doctor signed a form that I could not work because of my condition and, of course, my condition was severe.

The good news: yesterday, I got the approval notice. That’s right. I have been approved for that federal student loan discharge. Of course, they do not just wipe it out. They are a few conditions:

1) There is a 3 year monitoring period before you officially get the discharge
2) You cannot have an annual income exceed the poverty guideline
3) No new student loans
4) You become longer disabled.

If you comply with their requirements, in 3 years, you will receive the federal student loan discharge and be done. For me, that right there wipes out $90k in student loans. Yes, I wrote that right. $90k in student loans discharged with a type of their keyboard. Oh, and I will have to pay taxes on that $90k because when it is discharged, it is considered income. But, still a bargain.

When I got the notice yesterday approving my application, I was shaking. Ecstatic. This is one of the first plans on getting my life back together. It’s such a big thing for me.

Now, I am going after the private loans. They have long since been defaulted and very gangster but I’ve got attitude too! So, we have worked out where my payment on my $70k loan is only $50 a month, which I agree is very good. However, I need to get rid of them altogether and not have them in my life.

I called them yesterday and they had no idea what to do. I told them that I wanted them to do what the federal government did. Wipe out my loan. And, if not, I was going to try to discharge them in bankruptcy. They gave me the standard line that I did not want to file bankruptcy. It would ruin me. Muy mal. Stay away from that bankruptcy!!

I told them that was an old wives’ tale (Rolling my eyes). I’ve already filed. I did it several years ago when I was a bankruptcy associate. I got rid of a ton of credit card debt. The bankruptcy never slowed me down. In fact, I just bought a new car last month. Anyway, I would reopen that bankruptcy since the loans were in it anyway but not discharged, take this to a Judge, give them all the facts, and ask for a true fresh start. I can’t be an attorney. I can’t work. How am I ever going to feel comfortable getting just a regular job with these vultures hanging over my head? Because of these loans, I’ll never be able to start over. They said they would call me back. Still waiting. Will have to call back today.

“Heyyyyyyyyy, remember me? Disabled lady blabbering on about bankruptcy? Any word on my request over there? Helllooooooo?”

Had I been able to be an attorney, we would not be having this discussion. I would be happily plugging away in an office with a view running around with clients and court. But, the profession is toxic. I know some people just love the thrill and the stress but not this girl. And, it’s more of a frat party than anything. Some lawyers can be smart but you would be amazed at what can graduate from law school and pass the bar. Such dumb, malicious scum. It gives the whole profession a bad name.

Then, you have the clients. They literally think they own you and just want to pester you as much as they can or else they do not feel like you are working for them. I literally can’t do it. I was a nice person. Polite. Professional. I knew the law. I had trained myself very well. But, in the end, I just literally could not stand most of the people.

And, that is why I feel lucky to have gotten out and to be able to correct my mistakes.

I am so thankful for this federal discharge and I will be so thankful to get rid of all my student loans. Then, I plan to go on to be a dental hygienist, a hair dresser, maybe. Something. Anything. But, not law.

My mom says I’m lucky. I say I’m blessed.

Thank you God for everything.



Have you ever heard of Confetti Easter eggs? We went to Corpus Christi for Easter and they were everywhere. It’s a Mexican tradition. My brother’s friend kept telling us you hit someone in the head with them and it is good luck. We just looked at each other with a look that said “Nobody better not hit me with an egg in my face!”

I brought some home but didn’t have the nerve to throw one at my stepdad. It’s muy messy and he would kill me.

As all family events go for me, this one was weird. My family is as dysfunctional as any other; that includes my immediate family, my step family and my extended family. None of them know how to behave in a proper manner. On any given day, they are mouthing off on Facebook. Half the time you can’t understand what they are saying because they cannot spell or string a sentence together properly.

My stepdad is my anchor and the smart one. He doesn’t get involved with any of it. He works and he goes fishing.

I know my family exasperates my mental condition. So, I’ve become like my stepdad. I try to keep to myself as much as possible.

As I write this, I have to take deep breaths remembering how my family acts. But, I have a hard time resisting one person. My brother. He can be charming. He can handle a crisis. When I had my first breakdown, I was never so glad to see him and have him handle everything for me. On the other hand, he did go through literally everything in my apartment. No rock was left unturned. He was all in my business and asking a million questions.

Prince Charming he is not. He can also be a drunk. He’s a girlfriend beater. He’ll fight with anybody really. I’ve loaned him a ton of money desperately wanting him to behave and do the right thing. It’s hard to stop that practice. But, I’m swearing that I won’t give him anything else. The money well is dry.

We can talk. I can try to give advice. In fact, I’m going to start sending him cards and writing him letters like we are pen pals.

Anyway, we were on our way to his house for an Easter visit when we got a call from a friend of his that he was in the emergency room. He got into a fight with his neighbor. Basically, the neighbor had called the pound on my brother’s dog that had gotten out of the fenced backed yard. How the physical fight between the neighbor and my brother got started is unclear. But, my brother got the worst of it when the neighbor’s girlfriend got out a baton of some sort and hit my brother in the face several times.

When we rolled into town, we went straight to the emergency room. We found my brother with a busted open cheek and two black eyes. Were we shocked? Not at all. In fact, we went shopping, settled into his house and ordered dinner. We’ve been down this road with him countless times.

My brother ended up pressing charges against the people but the neighbor was on the run. The neighbor kept sneaking into his house at night moving his stuff out. And, my brother kept calling the police. The neighbor would be gone by the time they got there.

Each night, my mom would complain about the noise and the barking dogs. As for me, I would just take my medications and I sleep like a baby.


The following day, we had a Louisiana crawfish boil with my brother’s boss and work friends. My mom and I had brought live crawfish from Louisiana to Corpus Christi, Texas. After chowing down at the boil, we had to rescue my brother’s dog from the pound. Don’t they both look pathetic?


We spent the rest of the time at the beach! Man, I love the water.


And, despite the DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, I still love my brother and it was sad to say good bye.


As for my diet, I didn’t even pay it one bit of attention. No counting points. No Weight Watchers. I ate what I wanted. Today, is my first day back. I’m not scheduled for another vacation until the end of June. Got lots of work to do between now and then . . . .

Day 2

Day 2 down. Day Lada-Lada to go.

I kept to my 34 points yesterday! Heck yeah! And, my scale showed it in one day. You know I weigh myself daily, right? And, I write it down. I know there is controversy on this but I want to know what is going on every day even when it’s bad. I do not expect a major shift in my weight but I like to know even to the oz which way the pendulum is swinging. It’s just an awareness thing. Either way (gain or loss),  I start the day out very good, with renewed determination and a desire to be as healthy as I can. I ain’t saying how long that plan stays in place but I try.

So, it wasn’t a crazy loss but enough to know I was on the right track. Remember this is the 2nd day I’ve been good about keeping to my diet. Happy Happy Dance! This is just such a victory since I have been struggling to get on the wagon. Now, it is day 3 and have to keep on a roll.

Yesterday’s PointsPlus® Tracker entries

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
1/2 tsp creamy peanut butter 0
9 item(s) almonds 2
1 packet Quaker Oatmeal 3
1 bar Weight Watchers Snack Bars 2
Subtotal 7
4 oz cooked skinless boneless chicken breast(s) 4
1/2 cup(s) cucumber(s) 0
1 tortilla Mission Flour Tortillas 4
1/2 tbsp Kraft Mayo 1
2 tbsp unpopped Jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn 3
Subtotal 12
1/2 cup(s) coleslaw 4
1 item(s) Original Breast 5
Subtotal 9
5 oz uncooked baby carrots 0
2 tbsp Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing 4
1 item Jack Links Beef Steak 2
Subtotal 6
Food PointsPlus values total used 34
Food PointsPlus values remaining 0
75 min yoga 6

Tomorrow, we leave for vacation that includes a road trip. We’ll be on the road for almost a day. I have meticulously planned our beverages and snack cooler. I’m taking water, crystal light and will have some beef jerky. I will not be eating crap on the road. I even put a post on the Facebok page, Weight Watchers . . . . One Day at a Time, sking for traveling snack options to get some more ideas.

A few of them are:
100 calorie pack of cinnamon roasted almonds, hard boiled eggs, cut up veggies
string cheese and apple slices
Sugar free jello.
My fav go to snack is laughing cow light Swiss cheese wedges w cherry tomatoes and these new pretzelthins everything bagel
Cheese and grapes
Apples; cut up veggies
Veggie stix’s

Enough of the diet talk. We got some nature to talk about.


Remember the topsy turvy tree? Remember the bird nest?

Well, we now have eggs!!! We are growing tomatoes and babies over here.


Very exciting. We’ll be watching this as nature unfolds. The mama could not have picked a safer place.

We have baby tomatoes in our regular topsy turvy hangers!


Our fig tree is just growing like crazy


My mom planted some Gladiola bulbs and they are sprouting. And, that makes her happy.


By the way, she hates Pharrell Williams’ Happy Song. It’s just everywhere! I still bounce when it comes on but she gets a stank look on her face.