How Weight Watchers Works

Everything you eat has a “point” except for fresh fruits and vegetables. The latter being on the house.

You get X amount of points a day and some extra for the week. You get extra for exercising too!

You “track” the amount of points you consume

Here’s how it really changes you. When you keep track of what you eat, accountability kicks in.  You really start paying attention. No more mindless eating.

Last night, it hit home for me.

MOVIE NIGHT~ A Winter’s Tale, which was good, by the way. Not what I expected. Bonus: Will Smith is in it.

Normally for movie night, I would have:

  • A box of Raisinets
  • A  soda
  • A giant bowl of mega butter movie theater popcorn with that chemical movie butter on top

Weight Watchers turned movie night into:


  • A respectable bowl of a 100 calories of fat free popcorn
  • A portioned amount of Weight Watchers dark chocolates
  • Water

I also had Weight Watchers chicken strips and French fries for dinner. All within my allotted budget and not bad at all.

That’s how it works. You start making better choices (and become healthier) by becoming a measuring weighing point counting fiend.

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