Day 1 (again)

My poor mother. Yesterday, I dragged that woman to sit in the Louisiana heat to watch our small town reenactment of their Civil War battle.


The heat was so unbearable (even for April) that these people’s goat needed to be cuddled and fanned. The thing wouldn’t even stand on its own.


Even the pet crawfish had to be taken out of his Icee cup and shaken to resuscitation.


The Battle of Mansfield aside. How did my battle of the bulge go yesterday? Most excellent.

I am freed from the points prison. I ate according to the Simple Start menu and I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t eat anything bad. Amazing!

Day 1 = Success

Breakfast~ Scrambled Eggs, Sandwich Thin w/ a bit of butter & a banana


The picture doesn’t look as good as it taste. I flavored my eggs with some Penzeys Herbes de Provence and a splash of fish sauce and Siracha.

Packed Lunch to the Battle~ Sandwich, Grapes, Banana & 94% Fat Free Popcorn


Notice, I used my fancy Weight Watchers Success Kit bag as a lunch bag. Yay! I’m actually using my Success Kit.

Dinner~ Steak Sandwich with egg & a bowl of cherry tomatoes with olive oil and S&P


Snack~ Latte with Fat Free Milk (no sugar)


I also had a snack of a one half of a sandwich thin with a sliced hardboiled egg on top. No picture. I actually wolfed that down and it was surprisingly good and I just didn’t think about a picture.

That’s all folks!! Enjoy your Sunday!

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