18 pound lunch

I was feeling very fat. Very very fat. Bulky. A big ball of mess. Just nasty. Ok. You get it.

I even saw myself in the mirror and thought “Yep, I look exactly how I feel I look.”


But . . . I haven’t controlled myself when it comes to food yet either.

I have a ton of excuses. Always with the excuses. I was on vacation. That looks so good. The Easter bunny got to me. Tricky rabbit.

I’ve been partaking in the Easter candy like anybody else.

I finally moved the giant Easter basket full of crap that I bought for my step dad to my parent’s bedroom. I don’t want to see it or even remember it is there.

I just read a great chapter in the The Purpose Driven Life about temptation. Resisting food is no different than resisting sin. Sin and food are always going to be there. Tempting me. I have to be strong. I have to have a plan. I have to get my mind off that which is tempting me. How to do that? When I focus on something, I’m dang near impossible to stop.

Back to my Weight Watcher’s plan. Let me obsess about that. The points started over again yesterday and I began tracking in earnest. I didn’t last the day. I didn’t binge but I wasn’t tracking my food by the afternoon.

I was all whiney. “That’s too much work!” (Metaphorically flings electronic tracking notebook into the air)

I still had it in the back of my mind. However, I had to do something about my fat slump. My frumpy mood. So, I got my hair cut. Not just cut but washed and styled. I needed the cut but if I didn’t I would have gone to one of those blo bars and got a great blow job. We even have a exclusive blo palor in Shreveport. I’m dying to try it.


If I didn’t want my hair done, I would have gotten my nails done. Something. Anything beauty related. Even if it was $10 and an eyebrow shaper.

The wash, cut and style was just the ticket. And, our small town beautician knocked it out of the park for $30!

I was super happy afterwards and it looked great! I instantly felt better.

I don’t know what Southern lady said it but just putting on your lipstick will make you feel better.


Back to Weight Watchers being on my mind if not on the official paper. I read somewhere that you should always order the smallest portion on any menu.

Yesterday, I went to Sonic for lunch with my mother. Normally, I would have ordered a #1 burger with mayonnaise for 17 points with a medium French fry for an additional 8 points. Instead, I ordered a junior deluxe burger for 10 points (I typed in 10 pounds at first and thought that was funny and about right) with bacon (2 pounds. I mean, points) with a small tater tot (for 6 points). All together my trip to Sonic cost me 18 points.

My first mistake. I did make adjustments that helped minimize the caloric intake but I didn’t calculate my points until after I got home. I didn’t even think to make my mom sit there while I went through the best menu options or better yet just ate home food. I wanted the fast food. And, I have to learn to live in this fast food nation.

I also know after yesterday that even the junior or smallest thing on the menu is not going to cut it. Neither is the healthiest. Even a Sonic Chicken sandwich is 12 points. That’s a lot of points!!! And, here I am complaining about Weight Watchers being too restrictive and my 1 cup bowl of Cheerios with ½ cup of Almond Milk is 5 points.


I’m just not cutting it. And, that hurts because I am a bit of an overachiever. But, I’m not quiting.

And, I’m not weak.

Today is Weight Watchers day!

I am going to a meeting today.

I already hit the Weight Watchers website this morning.

I’ve been hearing about this Simple Start program. On tv and in person.

Every meeting, the leader ask me, “Have you tried the Simple Start Program?”

Politely, I mumble no and shuffle away. I’m sticking to the traditional points. It worked before. But, wait. I haven’t been sticking to the points. That’s the problem!

This morning, I sat down with my coffee and clicked on the Simple Start tab online.

What?!?! There is a separate Simple Start app for my iPhone? Now, I’m intrigued. I love an app!

So, I pull out all the Simple Start literature from my fancy Weight Watchers 8 Outstanding Tools Success Kit that I only get out at meeting time. I also grab my Plan & Track 12 week journal. Gotta use it sometime and I do love a nice pen and notebook.

Well, I gotta get to work. Later gator.

PS~ While I’m out and about. While I’m reading up on Simple Start. While I’m at the store getting my Simple Start menu food (which I’m pretty sure without looking closely resembles the Whole30 plan: all the veggies, fruit, and nuts a girl could want. And, all the water you can handle!) Anyway, while I’m doing all the work, my spoiled rotten puppy will be doing this:


One thought on “18 pound lunch”

  1. So pretty! Love yo’ hair! Good job! And I love me some Sonic too, I know, hard to resist! So get yo’ groove on lady! XOXO Happy Friday!

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