Keep Moving


This is what we always have laying around at dinner time. Butter & Carbs. I can assure you my mother used the entire stick of butter for the biscuits and the broccoli. The once healthy broccoli was swimming in butter. My parents show no sign of jumping on the healthy band wagon. So, I’ll be taking my meals separately. Maybe, down the road, I can be an inspiration to them. As of now, it is every man/woman for themselves.

Today is a new day. With new daily points. I’ll probably eat the same thing I did yesterday except I learned a few things:

Breakfast & Lunch started out good. No complaints there. My afternoon snack was good too. Carrots with ranch.

No worries, mate! I’ll be switching to the Bolthouse ranch or do the Great Ranch Substitute Hunt Again. But, I cannot live without something.  And,  find a more healthy tortilla (easy). I’m just using what is in the house right now. But, even with those indulgences I managed to stay on track.

The evening is where it gets dicey.

I started in the afternoon with a decaf coffee with creamer. Even though the creamer was only 2 pts, it all counts. Coffee creamer is just not worth it and I can’t stand milk. I drink my morning coffee black now. I don’t know why I reached for the creamer yesterday afternoon. So, I’ll be going hardcore, grandma style, black coffee. Always.

Dinner was fine. I put my grilled chicken in a tortilla wrap, squirted some Siracha on it and folded it up. I add a salad on the side. It was plenty. After that I was done with my points for the day but the kitchen kept calling me so I snuck in there and ate some sausage and pinched off a piece of biscuit. Just a few bites. Not even worth it. Wasn’t hungry. No reason to do it. It was enough to put me over my points for the day. Dang it, and I have no spare weekly points to cover the overage. And, I didn’t exercise. I have a list of excuses as to why not but I won’t bore you.

Still this is as close to keeping to my diet as I have been so I am doing a little happy booty dance.

I have now decided that after dinner (which is always probably when all my points are done for the day), the kitchen is closed. I’ll put the food away. Make plates for my parents if they haven’t eaten. Another problem: My dad works late and we cook dinner and it just sits there and waits for him. That’s how we end up nibbling. But, if I just make their plates and then clean up the kitchen, the problem is solved. Plus, we are not cleaning up so late. Once the kitchen is cleaned, it’s closed to me. If I even think about going back in for food, I’ll make myself a tea & a water & go to my bedroom. I have everything I need in there. Television, books, internet and no temptation. Sad that I have to play these mind games but I did say I was a food addict.

I found something yesterday that was helpful. A Facebook page titled Weight Watchers . . . One Day at a Time. It has a ton of people asking questions, giving advice, posting success & failure. . . . On and on. Yesterday alone was so active, I had to close my facebook and then go back in when I wanted to. I actually liked that.

A girl posted a picture of her WW Weigh-In book showing she lost 71.6 pounds total on Weight Watchers. Of course, everyone was congratulating her and wanted to know how she did it.

She had the following to say:

My only advice is to

1) not deprive yourself. Were not rabbits. We don’t and can’t eat salads and veggies all day. Eat real food, find some healthier ways of making some of it.

2) you have to want it more than anything. If your not in the game 150% mentally , you only cheat yourself!

3) And don’t let 1 bad day, or even a week get you down. When you have one flat tire, do you slash the other 3? Do you sell your car? No! You put a spare on and keep it moving!!!