Medication Hiatus

Yesterday was a really good day.

Of course, it’s because I forgot to take my medication before I went to bed the night before.

I can tell you the medication does work to put me to sleep because I had a horrible night of no sleep or half sleep. A lot of tossing and turning. No sleep for me turns me into a raging psychopath but it takes a few days to get to that state so I can safely enjoy myself for one day.

Anyway, despite the rough night, I woke up feeling like my old self. I was totally doing something I shouldn’t so I did have some guilt. Nonetheless, it was nice. I felt focused and energized. That great big thumb that is always pressing me down was gone.  I happily got some things done that I would normally be dragging my sluggish booty to do.  I just had a really good day.

But, when the clock struck 8pm, I took my glass slippers off, got some orange juice and dutifully took my medication.

I remember what one doctor said, “Sure. Fine. You’ll be able to do it one day. Two days. Maybe a month. Maybe TWO months. BUT!!  Eventually, the bottom WILL fall out and you’ll be in a mental hospital worse off than before.”

MEDICATION. MEDICATION. MEDICATION. Gots to have it! It keeps the demons away, which are a lot worse than the side effects.

From a diet standpoint, I am doing well. If you recall, I ordered Nutrisystem. I did fine on that for the first two weeks. Lost 8 pounds but started hating the food and having side effects so I gradually turned to goody non-diety deliciousness one bite at a time.  A pound crept back on. Then, a half pound.

That’s when I went to the store to get my real food fixins.



1 egg

4 oz non-fat Greek yogurt

½ cup blueberries

1 slice bacon

1 banana

9 almonds

Lunch~ Great Big Ole Salad

When I was vegan for a short time, this was the best lesson I learned. Everybody should be eating a Great Big Veggie Fest Salad every day. My grandma also swears by this and she is a healthy, hearty good for another 100,000 miles 80 years old.


Lettuce (like 6 cups)

Tomato (medium size)

Half a cucumber

3oz chicken

Real Bacon Bits

Dressing (It’s Ranch for me. I start out that way. It helps me hork down the salad but I’ll taper myself off eventually)


Right now, I am eating my Nutrisystem dinners drowned in Siracha.  I’ll be eating those and the lunches for a while.

So far, I am two days strong and have removed the post-Nutrisystem creepin gain. I give myself smiley stickers for every day I stick to nutritious eating.


While I am working away on this blog and some other internet duties, my Ginger-Bear is behind me and has claimed the big comfy reading chair.


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