Crabby Pants Neighbors

I don’t live a charmed life but I always have what I need and for that I am blessed. But, things get dodgy and there is a lot of stress and angst as things fall into place.

I always feel like I am fighting some battle. Things are never serene. One of my friends says it’s always drama with me. I argue that drama is the one starting it.

There was a brief time in my life that I jumped out of bed excited for the day.

It might be age, circumstances, mental health, weight, etc. but I am not happy. Nonetheless, I determinedly march out of bed.  I hit my daily maintenance list and I just keep going until the day is over. I do everything I can.

Right now, I am somewhat unhappy with my new apartment.  On the inside, I have made it a perfect sanctuary.  On the outside, there are nothing but trolls. The trolls being my neighbors.

It’s a small complex.  Only 30 units.  And, some of these residents are really hunkered down. And, they are old. That was actually what appealed to me about the place.

It’s so small that currently, my Ginger Bear, my puppy love, is the only dog.

What has me mad? (which is a dangerous state for me)

These nasty people come out of their apartments to yell things at us! It scares her half to death. It pisses me off. It is literally a “Get off my lawn!” protest.  They don’t want her near their apartment and there are only so many places I can walk her.

So now, we avoid these “hot spots” but I did get a nasty gram from the apartment office that stated they had received “numerous complaints” and I needed to be reminded of all the rules of pet responsibly and if I couldn’t abide by these rules, Ginger would need to go.

It’s very unfair.

When I went to the manager to talk to her, she just implied that this was their place and had no empathy for my situation.

Even this morning, I was across the street and this nasty resident came out and glared at us.  She didn’t say anything this time because we on the other side of the street, my dog was on a lease and I was standing at the ready for pooper duty. But, I could feel her disapproval. It’s very uncomfortable.

I should be able to shrug this off but I’m sensitive. I am definitely stewing about this. So, I took an extra Ativan. I hit my Jesus books for patience. And, I am sipping my homemade latte from my Nespresso ranting to you fine people.

At first, I had a gut reaction that I wasn’t going to expose Ginger to this hostile environment.  Shamefully, I made some inquiries to find her a new home.  Then, I looked at her face and knew I loved her too much. I didn’t want her going anywhere.

So, here we are. I’ll be waiting for the shoe to drop and saving up my money in case I have to find another place to live.

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