Pushing for Ten

I want to get to a 10 pound loss on Nutrisystem. Right now, I am at 7.3 pounds lost. A victory I am proud of.

It would probably be faster and better if I followed the program exactly but I honestly don’t know who can do that. So, I eat their food, which is surprisingly, nay shockingly, filling. But, I’ll tell you. This stuff is so chemical. Lord. I don’t even want to know what it’s made of. But, it does have an effect on your constitution.

A very frequent and urgent effect. I’m dealing with this right now.

I do not want to leave the house.

Accidents, you know.

That is all I will say.

So, I eat what they give me and if I’m still hungry, I supplement with something healthy.  But, I might have a day where I eat lunch out. In which case, I order a salad. But, still with ranch.

Still chugging away on water. I had to wean myself off the diet coke again.  I found myself going to the gas station and getting the 100 oz mega gulp from hell cup.  On a very hot day, like it is right now in Louisiana, I love a diet coke lovingly swimming in small crunchy ice enclosed in a environmentally unfriendly Styrofoam cup.

Sonic! Sonic has good ice and cups. And burgers too!

Sigh. Enough of that talk.

I was just going to mention I’m back on the lime flavored seltzer water when I need a  soda pop or a fizzy energy drink.

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