My Own Little Paris


My lemon tree is thriving and so am I.

Today, I saw my doctor. We talked about my travels. Like a kid, I reported all my accomplishments.  Like doing one day of Couch 2 5k but earnestly sincerely vowing to complete the program.

There was nothing to report about my symptoms.  It has been almost one year since I was in the mental hospital.

I am slowing coming out of my severe depression.  I haven’t been crying. I haven’t been despondent.

I am very slowly determinedly marching forward.

I still mourn my former life and my former self.  But, I’m finally coming to acceptance that is all in the past.

I am learning that I can have a new life. A happy life. A fulfilled life.  Without any of the stuff I previously thought was important.

Letting go has been ten times harder than I would have ever thought.

However, I am joyful at seeing some sunlight.

See my stuff? It’s shifting toward the door.


That’s right. I’m leaving the nest!

Tomorrow morning, I sign the rental lease and get the keys to my modest one bedroom apartment. It is not unlike my very first apartment.  Now, as back then, it is like a palace to me. 

I’m excited about moving this weekend and making the place my own. 

Yes, the decorating theme is Paris. I’ve already bought the comforter set.

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