Pink Daiso

I am seriously pampered at my friends’ house.  These are the type of friends that when you visit, they roll out the red carpet.  They give up their bed, put chocolates on the pillow, have hotel size toiletries in the bathroom and there are always delightful little surprises.

Admittedly, they are a 100 times more thoughtful than I am.

They feed you.  They take care of you. They make sure you have the full experience. They are simply absolutely wonderful.

Incidentally, their dream is to open a Bed & Breakfast. When this happens, I will not be vacationing anywhere else.

So, you see, coming to visit them in Japan was a no-brainer.

When I got to their house this time, my friend gave me a bag of goodies.


Two cute little multi-purpose canvas bags, which have really come in handy, a pair of the cutest slippers, a pair of sunglasses and . . .


Three canvases my friend painted herself.  To say I will cherish them is an understatement.  I love my friend’s art.  I look at it and I melt because she is so talented.  To receive one of her works is an honor and I am humbled.

So, yeah, I was tickled to get the goodie bag. Big smile.

Then, she and her husband introduced me to Daiso.


The Japanese 100 yen store.  The equivalent of a Dollar Tree. In pink.


I could have torn this store up and bought everything in it.  I had a vision of throwing out all my American clothes and just coming back with a suitcase full of Daiso. But, I restrained myself.


Everything pink!

A luggage strap for my suitcase.
A small mesh packing bag.
A large polka dot laundry bag for my dirty clothes while I am here.
A hair brush.
An eyeglass holder.
A “Hello Kitty” contact case.
And a tiny present for my mom.

I wonder if she can guess what it is by the picture.

A pink discount store.  Oh man. That is just too sweet.