The Tourist

I have been in Japan with my friends for three days now and every minute that has not been sleeping, has been seeing everything that I could.


One sobering experience was going to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Look at this statute: Very sad.


This is the Atomic Bomb Dome. It now stands exactly as it did after the bombing on August 6, 1945 (with a few minor preservation projects).



On the light side of things, one of my favorite activities so far has been visiting a Japanese garden.


I loved the simple joy of feeding the koi. As I was preparing this blog and going through my pictures, I realized I took five pictures of the garden and at least 30 of the fish. My stepdad, the fishing enthusiast, would be so proud.


There has been some free exercise in which I was woefully and completely out of shape for.


I did make it to the top of these stairs but it was not pretty. You would have thought I was having an asthmatic attack. And, I was dripping sweat. It was just a tiny little reminder of how much work I have when I get home. But, that is later.  For now:


Japan is the land of the noodles. Udon. Ramen. Noodles everywhere.

Yesterday, we went to a private kitchen up in the local mountains to make noodles.


We started out with just two simple bags of different kinds of flour. Added water with some turnip paste mixed in. From there, it was a whole lot of kneading and rolling. Then, to the fun part: Cutting the noodle dough with a giant knife.


After that, our instructor boiled our creation and dressed up our bowls. As you can imagine, we had some pretty funny noodles.

Taaaa-Daaaaaaa. From Scatch.



So far, my favorite food experience has been conveyor belt sushi.


The belt was a rolling. My eyes were a following. My hands were a grabbing. And, I was grubbing. HEAVEN.

And, we definitely ate our share. It was so yummy.



I’m loving the green tea.


I was delighted to see this little handy creation.  A pot of matcha green tea powder at the table with each table having its own hot water spout.  GENIUS!