Shopping & Reading

I have a shopping problem. But, more specifically, I have a Victoria Secret problem. It’s the only credit card I have.

Like anybody else, all my life I was told to wear clean under garments in case I’m in an accident. I took that to heart. So, I always make sure I have on clean cute Victoria Secret. You would never catch this girl in ratty old embarrassing grandma panties. Even when I was carted off in my pajamas, I was dressed head to toe in Victoria Secret. Very diva.

And let me tell you: Yes, you don’t think it will happen but it can. That’s why they call them accidents, right?

I’ve been in a car accident and I’ve been hospitalized for my mental disturbances. It really does matter to the medics, orderlies and even the police how you are dressed. And, when they are cataloging your belongings, you better believe they take notice of the brands. “Ohhhhh,” I’ve heard nurses and technicians say, “These are niiiiiiiicccccceeeee. Make sure she gets those back.”

And, yes sometimes, your very nice stuff goes missing anyway.

It goes without saying that I would not miss a VS Semi Annual Sale. I’ve been known to tear it up. This year, I was very conservative.

I got:


1) 1 hoodie
2) 2 t-shirts
3) 1 jogging pants
4) 1 bra

I told you the other day that someone stole my VS’s bras when I went to the hospital last time. Well, I’m proud to say that my collection is complete again and I can go 9 days without doing the laundry and still be cute. For 9 days, I won’t have to worry about being that hypothetical dirty accident girl.


Completely unrelated to Victoria Secret.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do this weekend. I really need to clean my room and organize my packing.


However, I need to read my two library books.


1) A trashy romance novel by Johanna Lindsey called Stormy Persuasion
2) The new Emily Giffin novel titled The One & Only

I must finish both of these by Wednesday and get them returned to the library but I also need to be completely packed and ready to go by 5am Thursday.

For now, I’m going to get cleaned up and out of my pj’s into comfortable lounge wear, close my bedroom door, ignore my chores and settle in for a day of reading.

Stormy Persuasion.

So corny but I eat these trashy romance novels up like candy so I should be done in no time.