7 Days

It has been 7 days since I officially kicked off my diet (for the bazillion time). However, this was a long stretch for me and I’m proud.

In the last 7 days, I have counted strictly calories using myfitnesspal app. I have logged in every single bite of food into the app. I have kept to around 1,680 calories a day.

I have lost 2.2 pounds.
A healthy loss.

I am taking this weight loss journey minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day and 7 Days at a time.

The things that have helped me this past 7 days:

Eating a mega breakfast

• 2 eggs
• 3 pieces of turkey bacon
• A 100 calorie Greek Yogurt
• An Apple, or a peach, or some blueberries
• 9 Almonds

For lunch I’ve been having a tuna sandwich on whole wheat toast.

Dinner has been a little dicey but I’ve managed to stay within my calories. I’ll have what my parents are having as long as it is not fried. If they do fried fish or pork chops, I just have a grilled chicken breast.

My strategy for eating out has totally changed. I now order the grilled chicken sandwich or a salad. I’ve eaten out several times this week and did not derail my diet.

There have been room for indulges. Yesterday, I had 2 tablespoons of creamer in my coffee. One night, I had a fruit parfait with granola from McDonald’s. Another day, I had a frozen yogurt with granola and sliced almonds.

One night, I had a cup of ice cream with 1 cup fresh blueberries and some of my mom’s homemade blueberries cobbler.


But, that’s all I had that night.  My stepdad did make a joke about how “yeah, you’ll totally be 10 pounds lighter eating like that!”  I’m aware of the irony but I wasn’t going to pass on the blueberry cobbler so I just made it my dinner and called ourselves even.

I’m aware that if not for those indulges, I might have lost more weight. So, I’ll work on that.

I can’t go to bed hungry so if I find myself in that situation, I’ll have a decaf latte made with fat free milk. I think I told you about my handy dandy Nepresso machine and steamer.


Well, I’m still in love with that.

My water consumption is not ideal but I’m working on it. I’m trying to drink at least a 20 oz with each meal.

Lastly, I did not exercise one bit. Unless, you count shopping.

Now, on to the next 7 Days . . .