The Fault In Ours Stars


If you haven’t read this book but you want to, don’t read my blog. Go read the book ASAP! Then, come back to my blog.

I love when a book takes me somewhere. I get so engrossed it doesn’t matter where I am in reality. Only a really good book can make me stop everything~ eating, drinking, bathing and even going to the bathroom. If my needs get urgent and the book is just that good, I will carry it with me and do what I need to do. Never putting it down.

The clock speeds up. Suddenly, it’s 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours later. I’m still engrossed.

These books don’t come along every moon but when they do it is my very favorite thing. I eat it up. I admire the talent. The writing. The story. Everything comes together beautifully.

I can’t wait to finish it but no wait! I don’t want to finish. I have to savor this. So, I alternate between reading really fast and slowing down. Either way, never missing a word.

This is why I keep my ear to the ground for buzzing books. Anything bestseller. Anything made into a movie. What are people talking about?

All for this very experience. And, jackpot! I got it with The Fault In Our Stars.

Not to mention I am a huge sucker for a good romance so you get a freebie there. Yep, I was totally into that Twilight shit. I literally ran to Target in the late hours of the night to get the next book and I started reading immediately. Thank you Stephanie Meyers.

And, thank you John Green for writing. Thank God for giving John Green and these amazing authors this gift.

I am now a huge fan of John Green and want to know everything. I spent from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon (with sleep in between, of course) in my pajamas reading his story of two cancer patients falling into true love.

At one point, I was crying and I told my mom, “Who would write a story about two cancer patients, one letting the other think they are well so they will go out with them and then it turns out he is the sicker of the two and he dies!?! OMG!”

But, the book is so much more than that. It’s witty. It’s intelligent. It’s actually funny. An author that made cancer and dying funny? I know. But, it’s true.

Now, I want to know can John Green duplicate the charm of The Fault In Our Stars? I don’t know but I’m hearing some buzz about Paper Towns. I’m totally dropping LOTR to go down this literary rabbit hole.