Success Kit


Behold my Weight Watchers bounty!

All of this fit into that pink lunch box looking bag. I’m super excited.

It’s called the “Success Kit- 8 Outstanding Tools”

I’m a sucker for 12 Steps, 10 Ways, and obviously 8 OUTSTANDING Tools.

This WW package contains:
• A Multipurpose Expandable Tote ~ The tote can also be used as an insulted lunch bag but I’m going to use it to keep all my WW stuff in one place
• Master Your Meals Cookbook
• Find Your Fingerprint Guide
• Portable Collapsible Steamer Bowl
• Plan & Track Journal
• Mix & Flip Exercise Cards (cool, right?)
• Point Stickers (these you use to label the points on a food package)
• WW Calculator (to calculate point values & to track your points for the day)

And . . . . wait for it . . . . Coupons!!! Lots of coupons. A $45 value, in fact.

Obviously, the package wasn’t free but it really was a good value.

I will probably use that calculator the most. I found when I was in the grocery store, it was a pain to calculate my points using the Weight Watchers App on my phone. I had to wait for it to load and then my phone kept turning off and I had to start over when I came across the next item. I’m happy about eliminating that hassle. Plus, I got a handy dandy sticker cover for the top of it so now it is super cute and not screaming WW. Not that I’m ashamed! I’m not.


I’m sure you are anxious to know how I did last night. Well, my weight loss was modest and healthy. A 1.6 pound loss. I consider that a victory since I went over almost a day’s worth of points last week. That I’m not proud of. I have to curb this very robust appetite I have. I can eat like a horse. I get it from my Sr dad. I am still amazed how much food he could put away. It explained a lot for me. No girl should eat like that.


Yesterday, I bought the Turkey Jimmy Dean Cooked Sausage for breakfast. I was shocked at the difference between the regular sausage patty and the turkey version. You get 2 for 1 calorie & fat wise.

I used the last of the tortillas today so now I am going straight 2 turkey sausage patties, 2 eggs and spicy mayo. The breakfast burrito will be retired temporarily.


This week I want to be careful with my fruit consumption. Because fruits have a zero point value, I was horking them down last week. At the meeting, we discussed how we should just be eating 4 servings of fruits a day. If you binge on fruit, it can hinder weight loss. And, a regular size banana is probably 2 servings. I know last week I made a mother of all fruit salads for dessert after dinner. Probably 10 servings of fruits. And, just before bed. My bad!

I also need to get in exercise. I can’t remember the last time I did. Oh, my WW location has Zumba for $2 after the meeting. Too cool! I haven’t done it yet but I will next week because that is an awesome and cheap opportunity for exercise.

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