Wooby Box



I’m an army brat. That means I can organize and neat the crap out of anything. I love a mean routine. A protocol. I also worked for the federal government too and that means I love to write everything down. I love to make lists and acronyms. And, of course, I love some coffee.

I don’t necessarily like getting out of bed but once I am up, I love my routine. I like it when no one else is awake yet and the house is quiet. I like to wander around the house and outside checking things out. I mosey around doing my DMP (daily maintenance plan).

My humble pink dry erase board broadcasts the following DMP list, which I have shared before. Only the last one is new:

Get out of bed ~ This isn’t a given. Sometimes, you could just stay in bed, not do the things that will make your day easier and/or be late for work
Let Ginger Out ~ I’ll talk to you more about her later but pets are an amazing therapy and my internet adopted dachshund is THE best
Brush teeth ~ I have a whole oral care routine. Sonic care toothbrush for two minutes, floss, and mouthwash. I like the line that taking care of your teeth is cheaper and easier than dentures.
Weigh Thyself ~ I write down the date and “the number” in a book especially for this purpose and keep it next to the scale in the bathroom. I know exactly where I am and sometimes I write next to the number what happened: good or bad
Get Coffee ~ Or Tea. Whatever strikes your fancy. I just know I have to have my coffee and I like it strong so I have the super duper Nespresso. It’s 2 seconds and shoots out Cuban style espresso.
Take Medication ~ We’ll talk about this later but I did tell you early on that I was on medication for my mood. It’s no joke. So, when I mouthed off to my step brother yesterday and he yelled at my mom to make sure I take my medication, I could have . . . nevermind I don’t want to incriminate myself. But, seriously, only an as$ makes fun of someone on medication. Moving on. . . .
Take Fish Oil ~ I buy the Carlson Lemon Fish Oil. Really. It taste like lemon oil, not fish.
Make Bed ~ Make the pretty-est nicest bed you can. A Martha Stewart/Macy showcase worthy bed
Sit down and enjoy coffee. Give yourself a few minutes before the day.
Read something inspirational or anything that makes you happy, even facebook. If your facebook is not positive, delete delete delete. Only happy people on my facebook! If someone smarts off or does anything that spikes my blood pressure, delete! Happily.
Put in contacts
Moisturizer ~this is huge! Dude or dame. If you want good skin, do not leave the house without some SPF moisturizer
Deodorant ~ Please, if not for yourself. For others.
Make Up ~ Make yourself a movie star!
Breakfast ~ So important. At first, it might be hard to eat in the morning but just hork it down. After a while, you’ll wake up starving and desperate for your breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day.
Meal plan for the rest of the day & pack it if leaving the house

While I am doing my DMP list, I get out my blue bin. Inside is all my entertainment as well as currently important documents.

Here it is:

I have a sheet protector on my 5K training program with the dates written on it. I am starting today with 1.5 mile run. If I keep to the schedule I will be ready for my 5k on May 17, 2014. On the other side is the YMCA Exercise schedule with their phone number written on it so I can call if I have to reserve a class (usually spinning. It’s always packed).

I have my 8X10 desk calendar of the month that I keep track of bills and anything else date worthy.

I like to make a folder for anything relevant in my life. I buy the goofy ones that kids use. I get them for $.50 a piece at the Family Dollar. It’s more fun than just plain manila folders.

I currently have these labeled folders:

Florida Bar 2013-2014. I was an attorney. I am currently inactive due to incapacity. There was no misconduct and I was not disbarred. I can still be an attorney. Basically, I was not practicing in that State and I do not see myself returning to the practice of law. While I was struggling with these decisions, the bar contacted me telling me they had found out about my bipolar condition. It was like the Spanish Inquisition about my mental condition. At the time, I could not handle fighting the bar. Plus, I was so tired of them threatening me. Hanging my bar license over my head. I didn’t want to pay them another dime. So, we have mutually agreed to suspend my license and I can seek to have it reinstated within the next 5 years. All this took a lot of paperwork and notarized documents. It’s only prudent to keep a copy of everything the bar sends me.

I think this folder might be ready to be retired to the bin of “Retired Folders.” Then, I will have a new folder titled “New Career” or maybe “College 2014.” I have no idea where to start on that new chapter. Right now I am enjoying just taking a break from all the pressure. Trust me, I feel blessed I can do it.

Student Loan folder. After going through law school and the bar, I have amassed quite a mountain of student loan debt. They are constantly changing providers. The federal loans are not bad and they work with you. Private loans are a nightmare. I can’t complain too much about either one of them because I would not have been able to go to law school and be an attorney if it weren’t for those loans. But, that doesn’t mean I am going to starve paying them off any time soon. We played chicken for awhile and now I am paying $50 a month! Huge victory for me but it got a little nasty to get to this point and I had to kiss my credit goodbye.

Articles. These are the articles I have collected and found worthy of ripping out of the magazine. I haven’t read these yet. I will read them and if they are worth keeping, I will put them in my magazine binder.

Healthy Recipes. I needed a folder just for these recipes because they were getting lumped into the recipes that I want to try but aren’t so healthy.

Also, in the basket is my current knitting project, a jar of markers & pens, a couple of notebooks, my password book, my kindle, my paperback books and my magazines.

I like having everything handy and portable. I can take this anywhere. If there was a fire, I would throw my dog on top of the box and cart both of them outside.