More Pretty Work


When I went out on to the porch, I was greeted with this dewy morning. This is the view from our front porch. It’s also the land the horses are on. I can’t tell you enough how much I like looking at this in the morning instead of a concrete parking lot of cars or row after row of subdivision houses. It’s just nature. Pure and simple.

Yesterday, we spent the day expanding our garden real estate. The ground was somewhat moist so we went at it by hand. Just whacking away. With a hoe. Pounding the ground and trying to kill the grass. We wanted planting dirt!

Dude, it was such a work out for our arms. Then, my step dad came along and rescued us like a redneck fairy godfather. He offered to buy us a tiller. We literally threw down the garden tools, snatched his money and jumped into the car. We happily drove the 45 minutes to Lowe’s and picked us up a tiller.


Once we got that, the ground was no problem. And, now we are ready for more plants and our little baby seedlings.
We still have so much work to do! We have more planting and we have to put the fence up. We also need to clean the place up a bit. We have stuff everywhere.


While we were at Lowe’s, you would have thought gardening stuff was free. It seemed like everybody and their mother was pretty-fying their house.

Remember the elaborate birdcage we got for $5 at a yard sale? Well, I got two fake feathered birds for $1.00 from the Dollar Tree and they are now in their new home. Our goal is for the Ivy plant to grow all around the cage. I just think it is a super cool decoration to have on our porch. My mom seen it done and they wanted $100. We have less than $10 invested in our bird cage. And, we do not have to clean up after the birds.


On my way out the door to Lowe’s, they were marking this hanging planter down to $5. I couldn’t walk away so this is also a new addition to our growing foliage family.


So, all this running around, planting, planning, and gardening is some serious exercise. And, it doesn’t stop. There is watering to be done and we’ll have to weed out the garden beds in no time.

Gardening is serious business!

As for today, I will be cleaning, reading and resting. In honor of Sunday, here is a picture of one of our old churches (1908)


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