Finding Peace


When I had my latest crisis, I was living in Texas. I had never felt so much relief as driving back to my home in Louisiana. When I pulled up, my parents came out of the house and met me on the porch. I got the best hugs of my life. That was last August and I haven’t left.

It’s no secret I am saving up for a house. But, when I actively started looking the other day, my mother seemed very hurt and quietly said, “I don’t want you to go.” So, who knows how long I will be here. Truthfully, I don’t want to live by myself anyway. I told my mom I didn’t want to be a pain or a burden. She assured me I wasn’t and my parents love having the company.

I do everything I can to make myself useful. I shop, cook and clean at every opportunity. My return is a real home and an amazing support system. We need that. If you don’t have it, go find it. It doesn’t necessary have to be your family. If your home feels emotionally cold, it’s time to get outside in the sunshine.

In the morning, I take my coffee on the porch and watch the horses across the street. I hear the birds chirping and our garden fountains trickling. I see and hear nature’s symphony. I take an inventory of our plants to see how they did during the night.

This is what I missed living in concrete cities and little apartments.

Here, our neighbors are the horses. If you are stopping at our driveway, you must be lost. We are five minutes from the nearest small town and 45 minutes from a decent city.

Our little town has everything you could want but no more, no less. A bank, a restaurant, a gas station, pharmacy, a post office and a library. Most people work a long ways away in the oil field. During the day, you see nothing but white work trucks running around town.

When I was a working professional, I would come here to decompress but I vowed that I could never live here. Now, I wouldn’t want to live in the city again. Too much congestion.

As my mom says, “You need green grass underneath your feet.” She right. My soul needed this.

We finished our Angel Garden yesterday and I am so happy. Now, I just need to get a bistro set to put underneath the porch. I am sure I’ll keep adding to the garden. My dad was like that. Just adding and adding in hectic harmony. The Angel Garden is also pretty sweet at night too because it all lights up.


I am absolutely in love with my purple hanging plant. I will water it with a gentle mist. I will baby it. Talk to it. Love it. I just want it to live!


Our little container garden is sprouting!

We are already putting stuff in the ground. The picture doesn’t do it justice but if you squint real good, you can see tiny broccoli, tomatoes, and beans baby plants.

Finally, we assembled our Topsy Turvey Tomato Tree. We discovered that you can also stuff other hanging vegetables in it so we will be adding to it.


So, yeah, we’ve made us a peaceful place on Little Brown Road.

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