Sweetest Place


Today, I bring you my picture shrine of the favorite places I visited in Ireland.

I found the chapel at Kylemore Abbey to be the most peaceful place on earth. Nothing yet has come close.

I blew that particular picture up and framed it so it is now roughly the size of a 32 inch television and it is facing my bed. When I wake up in the morning, I look at that picture and remember how at peace I felt when visiting the Abbey.


I took the rest of my Ireland pictures and hung them on a ledge screwed into the wall. I am very proud of my picture wall on my dresser.

People take pictures than never look at them again or hang them up. I make it a point to do something with my favorite pictures.

Today, I am in a rush to meet my writing deadline that is tomorrow so this is my shortest post ever.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!